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Kenyan Musicians that are still keeping it Strong

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The Kenyan music industry is arguably the most dynamic and difficult to penetrate in the entire East African region.

The stakes are so high that very few artistes have managed to remain relevant in the last ten years.

Case in point: names like Mr Lenny, Jimwatt, Rat-ata-at, Buju Banton, Choku, Nazizi, Osman, Kantai, Sudi Boy, Pilipili, Big Pin, Mahatma have either fallen by the wayside or simply chosen to take different paths.

Here, we look at top 6 Kenyan musicians who have remained relevant after more than a decade in the music industry.

The ‘Badder than Most’ hit maker is widely considered to be the King of Kenyan Dance Hall genre.

Redsan burst to limelight in the 90 with hit songs like ‘Kenyan’, ‘Wanipa raha’, ‘Step On It’, ‘Chiken’ that made up his first album ‘Seasons of the San’ , released in 2002.

Since then he has managed to maintain his status as one of the most sought after stage performing artistes.


2013 was great for Wyre the Love Child after the release of his single ‘Nakupenda pia’, a collaboration with one of Jamaica’s finest dancehall queens Alaine.

The massive airplay that the bang continue to receive in clubs, matatus, radios and TV stations could be the reason of his latest release ‘No more’ that’s just two weeks old.

Wyre scooped the Best New Entertainment award during the International Reggae and world Music Awards last year.

His long journey to money and fame started back in 2000 with the music group Necessary Noise.


Currently, Nameless is riding high with his new hit song ‘African Beauty’.

Mathenge is said to be among the pioneers of Kenyan ‘Genge music’ genre alongside the late E- Sir both of whom revolutionalised the industry.

He made his mark in the music Kenyan scenes when he joined Ogopa Deejays recording stable in 2001 recording his first single ‘Megarider’ that was well received.

More success was to come his way with subsequent release of hit songs ‘Ninanoki’, ‘Juju’, ‘Sinzia’, ‘Maisha’, ‘Narudi Nyumbani’ amongst others.

Such songs made up his first album ‘On Fire’ that was released in 2004 and went on to be awarded as the Best Album In East Africa in the 2005 Tanzanian Music Awards.


His journey to fame began in 2000 when he and his close friend Clemo (Clement Rapudo) decided to start Calif Records, a recording company.

Jua Cali was the recording Calif Record’s first artist.

He recorded first song ‘Ruka’ , in 2001, and followed it with major hits like ‘Nipe Asali ’, ‘Kamata Dame’ a collaboration with Pilipili, ‘Kiasi’, ‘Kwaheri’, ‘hadija’, ‘Mtoto wa geti kali’ among others.

He remains a force to be reckoned with. Shows and endorsements still come his way 14 years into the game.


Nonini is one of the old boys in the game and that could be the reason he preffers to be reffered as ‘godfather wa genge’.

The self –proclaimed Godfather of Genge entered the scene in 2002 with ‘Manzi wa Nairobi’ and has continued to release hit songs since then with one of his singles ‘We Kamu’ being wildly popular if the massive radio play is anything to go by.

He is also credited with the formation and mentorship of the successful group P-Unit.


Amani is the only female artiste to have made it on this list and with good reason too.

Her journey began in 1999, when she joined Ogopa soon after her high school but only got her break in 2002 when she released ‘Talk to You’ a collabo with Big Pin, and later ‘Tamani’, ‘Missing My Baby’ and ‘Tonight’.

Currently, her collabo ‘Kiboko Changu’ with the the Ugandan duos of Goodlfye Radio and Weasel is still riding high and so is her fame.

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Revealed: The 'White Widow', Al Qaeda Paymaster behind the Westgate Mall Attack

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School pals remember her ­chatting happily as she walked down the high street of their Home Counties town after finishing their GCSEs.

So it is little wonder that today they find it almost impossible to believe Samantha Lewthwaite, who loved to gossip about pop music and fancying David Beckham, is being hunted worldwide by anti-terror police.

Security services from Britain, the US and Kenya know her as the 'White Widow', one of the most feared female terrorists in history.

On the run in volatile eastern Kenya, with three – or maybe four – young children, the 28-year-old daughter of an English soldier is wanted dead or alive.

No one knows the true scope of her ­influence in the global jihad movement, but one fact is certain: officials seriously fear Lewthwaite, widow of 7/7 bomber Jermaine Lindsay, is plotting an outrage with high-ranking al-Qaeda radicals.

For the fanatical followers of al-Qaeda, Lewthwaite is a heroine.

They call her the White Widow because of her European background and because Lindsay blew himself up in the attacks in London in 2005 in which 52 people were killed.

She is expert at disguise, switching from designer fashions to less revealing Islamic dress while under surveillance in the Muslim quarter of the port city Mombasa.

Samantha Lewthwaite, aged 16-17 years at school
White widow: As a teenager at school
(Jim Bennett)

Described as the paymaster for a terror cell that has already hit tourist hotels this year, she is also accused of murder.

Some witnesses say she fired a grenade launcher into a bar crowded with football fans watching the Euro 2012 match between England and Italy on June 24.

Three people died, including a three-year-old boy.

Isack Simiyu, 23, who was outside the Jericho Bar, said the attack was led by a fair-skinned woman wearing a black headscarf.

He saw a black Toyota Rav4 and a white Toyota estate pull up. “A man in a mask and a woman in a buibui [black shawl] came out,” he said. “She lifted something like a launcher to her shoulders and started firing. She was a white lady. When she got down from the car I could see her face clearly.”

Isack picked out a picture of Lewthwaite when shown photos of four white women.

She is the most feared female terrorist since Ulrike Meinhof, founder of the Red Army Faction which carried out bombings across West Germany in the 1970s.

A Western intelligence source said agents are studying information provided by arrested Briton Jermaine Grant who was sharing a rented property with Lewthwaite in Mombasa.

Her British partner Habib Ghani fled with their children

Police accepted the brunette woman’s story that she was just a tourist. It is thought the rent came from al-Shabaab, the Somali wing of al-Qaeda.

It later emerged she had £50,000 in cash, creating speculation she had bribed her way to freedom.

Kenyan police are hunting a woman believed to be Samantha Lewthwaite, the wife of 7/7 london tube suicide bomber
Police photo: Kenyan authorities released this pic of Lewthwaite
(Police Handout)

Her diary, found in the ramshackle luxury villa, said she wanted her children to be suicide bombers.

Automatic rifles, ammunition, drums of chemicals used by suicide bombers and a laptop were also discovered.

After they had freed the mum, from Aylesbury, Bucks, Kenyan police later said she was “intending to cause harm to civilians” with “an explosive device”.

Lewthwaite was linked to plans to blow up tourist hotels, and attacks on the Dorchester and Ritz hotels in London.

Now dozens of MI5 and MI6 officers are in Kenya trying to track down British jihadists. One focus is any who might be heading back to the UK during the Olympics.

“When Grant was arrested in January, he quickly opened up about Lewthwaite to the local police,” an intelligence source said.

“She and Habib Ghani had managed to escape just in time with their children.

“British jihadists are the biggest threat to their own country, and Lewthwaite is being taken very seriously.

“Working with the Kenyans has provided MI5 with a vital resource on this woman and her associates.”

The source added: “Lewthwaite has some of the toughest and most resourceful members of the special forces and intelligence community looking for her.

“She will pop up eventually. It’s just a matter of time because she can’t keep being lucky.

“What is most amazing is that she is on the run with her children while still evading detection.

The fact that no one has reported this white woman moving about in remote areas proves how well protected she is.”

Lewthwaite has every reason to avoid capture.

Jacob Ondari of Kenya’s ­directorate of public prosecutions warns: “Lewthwaite is highly dangerous.

"She is not just a small cog in this terrorist machine – she has links to the top.

“I will be calling for the death penalty when she is finally caught.”

A school photo of Samantha Lewthwaite, located in the middle of the picture taken in 1996
A school photo of Samantha Lewthwaite, located in the middle of the picture taken in 1996
(Jason Shillingford)

Back in Aylesbury neither her builder dad Andy, 56, nor her carpet fitter brother Allan have any idea where she is.

For the family the sinister White Widow is still “Samantha”, who loved fashionable clothes, trying on make-up and going to parties when she was a teenager.

She will never be the extremist who gave her name as Asmaa Shahidah Bint-Andrews when her third child, son Abdur-Rahman Faheem Jamal, was born at the town’s Stoke Mandeville Hospital in 2009.

No father’s name is given on the birth certificate. The boy turned three last week.

Lewthwaite was 18 when she converted to Islam, swapping jeans and T-shirts for Muslim dress, including a hijab.

She studied religion and politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies in Russell Square, London – a stone’s throw from where her husband would set off his suicide bomb.

It was while there that she met Lindsay, a Jamaican-born carpet-fitter who grew up in Huddersfield, West Yorks.

Although Lewthwaite’s family did not attend the couple’s Muslim wedding in a house in Aylesbury, they were said to be happy she had calmed down.

The couple’s first child, Abdullah, is now eight. A daughter, now seven, was born two months after the London bombings in July 2005.

At the time she was being protected by police who believed her to be innocent.

After the bombings, Lewthwaite painted herself as a victim who said she was appalled by Lindsay’s “abhorrent” actions.

She re-integrated herself with her family so well that in 2007 her dad took the whole family to Disneyland Paris.

Little is known about what Lewthwaite was doing between the birth of her third child Jamal – which was Lindsay’s Muslim name - and her arrival in Kenya in August last year on a forged passport.

It is believed she joined al-Qaeda in 2008. The two British men thought to be most involved with Lewthwaite’s alleged criminal activities in Kenya – Grant and 26-year-old Ghani- are from similar suburban backgrounds.

Ghani, 26, was born and brought up in Hounslow, West London. The family of Grant, who has been in jail since January, live in Newham, East London, close to the Olympic Park.

Grant is currently on trial accused of possessing explosives and conspiring to carry out bomb attacks, which could lead to a lengthy prison sentence if he his found guilty.

In Kenya, the White Widow might consider herself lucky to end up with a jail sentence.

“The police will shoot her if they find her and she tries to run,” Mr Ondari says.

“Too bad if she gets shot dead.”

source: © Mirror

Beres Hammond to Perform in Kenya

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Jamaican singer Beres Hammond is set to perform in September.

The reggae singer, famous for his romantic lyrics and soulful voice, is said to have already signed the contract with a local promoter who also owns a leading website.

The promoter is, however, a bit scared that Beres might change his mind after the incident at Tarrus Riley and Alpha Blondy concert.

“I have already signed a contract with Beres and we have been working on the logistics of the concert since last month. I just hope that he won’t change his mind,” the promoter, who sought anonymity, told Heads Up.

Kibera's Live Sex Shows

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Porn movies seem so yesterday in some parts of Nairobi. Weeks of investigations have uncovered shocking scenes of people paying to watch live sex in Makina, Gatwekera and Laini Saba areas in Kibera.

Several video dens have turned to ‘broadcasting’ live shows where residents pay as little as Sh150 to watch men and young girls have sex for at least 15 minutes per session.

Gatwekera slum in Kibera is a jumble of rusted metal roofs that stretches to the horizon. At night, paths in the slum belong to police, muggers, and lately, enthusiastic men who throng video dens to watch live sex.  

During the day, men frequent the mabati video dens to watch the latest flick or football game, but at night, the video dens are turned into a stage where people pay to watch live sex, courtesy of shrewd twisted youthful entrepreneurs.

Once inside the packed video den, which can accommodate up to 20 people, bulbs are yanked off their holders, leaving a lone bulb hanging over the stage. The girls, sourced locally, are barely past their teens.

“A show usually has two or three girls. Once the man finishes, people have to pay another Sh150 to watch the girl have sex with a second man,” reveals our source, who was born, raised, and still lives in Ayany area.

The girls, he says, are usually school dropouts.

“Most of the girls who engage in sex-for-view have babies, and they probably prefer being paid for sex in public than stand in the street trying to earn money off prostitution,” says our source.

At times, especially when men are drunk, such viewings get out of hand and some offer up to Sh500 to have sex with the girl.

“There can never be a problem with the police because in most of the viewings, police are usually available. In fact, cops on patrol usually pass by for their share of protection money,” he says.

The entrance fee can be hiked to Sh200 if the girls taking part that night are fresh, youthful and probably underage. In the shows, a female usually has no say as to whether a man should wear a condom or not. It’s the man’s decision.

The girls are often prostitutes who hang out in pubs within the slum. Our source reveals that the girls are paid Sh300 per session, that’s triple what they would earn had they waited for a man to sleep with them for a single shot.

“That’s good money. She can go for two sessions, have sex with two men and earn Sh600 per night. At times, an enthusiastic fan can offer to pay her more if he likes her,” says our source.

The Nairobian can establish that the shows usually start past 11pm once all the pubs close down.

“Anybody passing by might think people are simply watching football and the only way to know what’s happening is paying at the door,” reveals our source. Older residents of Kibera say the live sex shows started almost three years back.  Gavins, a resident of Kibera for the past four years says he has heard of the shows but never attended one.

“The live sex shows are held deep in the slums and it would be too risky to leave Ayany to go watch such a show. How will I come back to my house? I am aware such things happen, I have friends who have watched the shows, but it’s because they live around Laini Saba area,” Gavins says.

Source: © SDE 

Tujuane Chick, Angel Maggie who allegedly slept with diamond leaks Nude Pictures

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Tujuanae with all the airwaves the show is drawing is making headlines yet again. This time though, it is from one of its graduates, Angel Maggie, who was alleged to have slept with Diamond. 

Angel's leaked Nude pictures certainly tells what she is all made of and must say she id heading up the socialite ladder so quick - simply, from her energy and of course, by showing men what they want to see...

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