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Kenyan Media's Single Ladies!

Published: Dec 10, 2012 By admin Filed Under: Exclusives

These are prominent and hot ladies either on radio and/or TV, constantly in the public eye.

They’re constantly in your ears and on your TV screens.  So why are they single? And if they’re dating and keeping it under wraps, what are they hiding?




Eve D’Souza

Her name is all abuzz in the media scene after her recent exit from Capital FM where the CEO DJ CK is said to have bundled her and co-host Gaetano out of the premises.

Eve and Gaetano handed in their resignations after seeing the downward spiral that the breakfast show took. The two simply couldn’t keep up with the momentum and ratings that Sean and Fareed had brought to the show, and seemed to lack on-air chemistry.

Eve unfortunately was molested after a carjacking outside her home, and maybe that’s why she’s kept off the dating scene. We can commiserate with her.

Rumors have it that she is dating former co-host on Vibe City, DJ Stylez. The two seem to get along great on and off air, and have been spotted around town together. However, none of this has been confirmed and we’re still yet to verify who she’s actually dating.


CarolMutokoCaroline Mutoko

She's arguably the queen of radio in Kenya, rising from humble beginnings at Capital FM's breakfast show to ruling the airwaves with her strong voice and unshakable beliefs at Radio Africa's Kiss FM.

She's got a secure job, and undoubtedly a fat paycheck to go with it. Mind you, she's worked her way to the top, proving that she can hold her own with politicians demanding apologies (and not given), with other shamed into confession, and the nation basically giving her the go ahead to dig, prod and question the 'untouchables' in our society and leadership.

So why is it that she's still single (Isn’t she 40+?)

She's fab, she's hard working, she's financially secure, she's got a mind of her own, and yeah, she's fab.

Who is she dating, and what's with the big mystery??


DebbieAsilaDebbie Asila

Once partner to Shaffie Weru, Debbie has since parted ways with him.

She’s the mother to a beautiful baby girl, Milan, whom she dotes on without reservation. She's also got a cat Chelsea.

Also on radio, she charms and talks sanity on the roads.

In a recent interview, Shaffie says that he is still seeing her, and his girlfriend Joan. In his words: "They are definitely not OK; they don’t see eye to eye. I however try to make each of them comfortable. It’s tricky, but I try my best." He even went as far as admitting that he didn’t know if she was dating.

So why does Debbie put up with this? It's not the age where our mothers used to stay in marriages 'for the sake of the children'.

Does she have a man on the side?


KalekyeKalekye Mumo

AKA ‘Big mama’, is another one on radio with a bold voice. Booming out on the airwaves with her hearty laugh, she comes across confident and sure of herself.

Given that she's had issues with her weight, she says she come to terms with it and learned to love herself.

And it's not like she's earning peanuts. Given, she's not Caroline Mutoko, but she commands her space, and a good paycheck with it.

So, a hot big Kamba mama like this, where are all those men who claim to love the big mamas?





Cess Mutungi

Unapologetic for her actions, Cess is the bad boy of radio in a girl’s skin.

With Maqbul as her sidekick, no one can give a louder, heartier laugh than Cess on Capital FM’s drive time.

Although she was said to have been bumped off Hot 96, Royal Media and Nation Media for taking one too many and pulling stunts thereafter, Cess seems to have dusted off herself and gotten back on track with her life.

Once she was linked to CMB Prezzo, but both denied the claims. Although she did musical chairs around the stations, she was taken back by Capital FM (who badly needed a strong presenter to woo back their listeners) and has since ruled drive time. Her sense of humor is unrivalled, with her traffic reports in Kamba and other nonsense that will leave you on the floor in stitches.

She was once rumored to have a liking for girls too. But that was quietly quelled and disappeared into thin air.

We want to know who she’s dating and giving them a run for their money! Any man who can tame Cess has game!

AngelaAngela Angwenyi

She’s lately known for her diva attitude that seemingly got her into trouble and led to her resignation at Classic FM where she used to present the mid morning show. Now she's on Easy FM drive time show alongside Edward Kwatch.

Angela has come from humble beginnings, as a musician. She appeared on the radar after winning the Kenya Night Talent Search in 2005. The competition, which was held at K2 Klub House, had a lot to promise but delivery on the promise never materialized. She since dropped that mantle and moved on to being a radio presenter after being picked by Citizen Radio. She’s a mother to one son, Qhamil, born in 2004 while she was still in Canada as a student.

John Wilkins at Nation Media is determined to make Angela succeed at her new slot on Easy FM.

So it seems that maybe Angela quit it with men after parting ways with her baby daddy.  Still, we don’t think that she can be single in Nairobi for this long.


Seanice Kacungira


Sean1Uganda’s Sean became the darling of Kenya’s breakfast shows after co-hosting with Fareed Khimani as one of the most successful radio duos.

Not even 30, Sean carved her niche as a presenter, director and programmes controller at Capital FM, and she did a fantastic job while at it, raising the show’s ratings to the highest it’s ever been.

While here, she was engaged to Ugandan businessman Christian, but this relationship broke off after they parted ways amicably.

Now she’s running the show at Sanyu FM in Kampala, and running several businesses as well, ranging from a beauty and hair salon, to events, advertising and more.

She’s greatly talented and maybe her energy and business skills scare the men off.

Who’s daring enough to take on the level-headed, passionate Sean?




Joey1Joey Muthengi

She’s the queen of street swag. Sweeping into Kenya after moving from the USA, Joey charmed the heart of DJ CK and found herself a spot on Capital FM presenting The Heat alongside Chao Tolle. She also landed a major part hosting ‘Can You Dance?r’ and earned some hate from other seasoned presenters who thought she shouldn’t have landed the gig, being a newbie and all. Her determination however is unshakable, she went on to land a part on KTN’s local drama Changing Times, and moved on to replace Eve D’Souza as the hostess of Vibe City.

Having come out of an abusive relationship in the USA, Joey seems determined to stay off men for now, only once saying that yes she’s dating someone, but keeping it under wraps.

She’s hot, she’s fierce, and she’s got swag. Who’s gonna complement it?


sheilaSheila Mwanyigah

She’s the darling of Easy FM, hosting the mid-morning show and trying to solve her listeners’ heartaches. Starting out as a musician, Sheila burst into the scene under her stage name Nikki with the song ‘Mapenzi’

Previously engaged to a Briton, Sheila broke off the engagement after the death of her father, claiming that the death took a toll on her relationship.  She then moved on to dating the king of bling, Prezzo, but this didn’t last long. She now claims to be single, although rumors recently circulating have put her together with a top government official. She has not confirmed or denied the claims and prefers to stay mum on the subject.

We wonder who will take on Sheila and Nikki. Two for one, anyone?

PeninahPeninah Karibe

After Esther Arunga fell of her pedestal and crash landed into what seems like a bad soap, Peninah has become the darling of the TV viewers. With her easygoing manner and youthful looks, she’s become a star on NTV’s prime time news slot.

But her love life has been under wraps forever; she chooses to stay mum. Nothing, not even a peep has come out on who she’s dating.

Give us the 411!



cynthia4Cynthia Nyamai

From interning and rising through the ranks to become KTN’s business anchor, Cynthia Nyamai, formerly Makuyu, is one of Kenyan TV’s hot mamas.

She recently came out of a marriage disillusioned after parting ways with her husband, David Makuyu. The rumor is that they divorced after they both cheated.

And she didn’t take long for her to find a mate. She’s been spotted around town, and around the world on a ‘summer trip’ with her new beau, still unidentified. From Dubai to London, the two have been on a jet setting holiday that must have set off many other women green with envy.

So who can tell us who this guy is?


MwanaishaMwanaisha Chidzuga

Her coastal customary marriage fizzled out and she left, she is since rumored to have jumped into the arms of a willing, and married, member of parliament. This is said to have left the MPs family in disarray as he quickly ditched his wife for her.

The rumors swirl, but no one has confirmed this. Thus it leaves her still out and game on the dating field.

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